.meteor garden VS hana yori dango VS boys over flower.

Don’t worry Mili. I won’t post such thing even though aku sangat macam nak. Eiiii.

So, I’ve watched Meteor Garden and drool over F4 like crrraaaazzeeee…for months. We have like the whole collection of its CD but now its gone. Somehow we cant remember who we lent it to. We were their die hard fan ever; to the extent that whenever we listens to anything that is not clear or like a murmur, we seriously thought its in Chinese.  There was this moment where i thought i heard a Chinese song in the radio while the truth is its a Tamil song.I knoww. Creepy right. Yerp. The disease is indescribable.

meteor gardenMeteor Garden


Then, there’s Hana Yori Dango. The Japanese version of Meteor Garden. Awesome~! Another Meteor Garden! The excitement start all over again. But not as crazy as before. And of course their F4 is also cute, handsome, adorable, charming, and all. Its cute that they have it in Japanese although the apple part is a bit funny. :p

hana yori dangoHana Yori Dango


And now, they have it in Korea! Boys Over Flower! Can you spell O-M-G?? Another version of Meteor Garden! and they’re just airing it in Korea. How cool is that? Yeah you tell me. Ksah has been downloading it since i don’t know when but i just started watching it yesterday. Cos i know if i start, it’s hard to stop. Now, its gonna be a lil bit hard for you to pull me out of my room. Hahaha.

boys-over-flowerBoys Over Flower

Update: So, which version is your pick?


350 thoughts on “.meteor garden VS hana yori dango VS boys over flower.

  1. the story of boys over flower is the best….the story of meteor garden became long and the story is not good anymore and in hanayori it nice but i like boys over flower more.


  2. yay!! Boys Over Flowers is d’best ever…

    d’funny thingz
    d’side story (Yijeong & Gaeul)
    d’other story (Jihoo sunbae story)
    d’guest starz
    d’singerz in d’songz

    and especially
    d’cast of Yijeong (Kim Bum… so cute handsome aaaahhh..)

    Boys Over Flowers is d’best ever^^


  3. boys over flowers is the best!!

    the japanese version sucks…
    the taiwanese version is good..
    but the korean version is the best!!



  4. I prefer hanadan because of great chemistry between Makino and tsukushi plus the story is not dragging as well as they have the Final which we really know that makino and Tsukasha ended up after all the trials they have.


    • yeahh
      i really hope boys over flower do something like Hana Yori Dango
      at least have a final movie or something like that
      a 25 minutes music video is just not enough
      and some more hyun joong didn’t even participate in the vclip
      Not a happy boys over flower fan over here.


      • yeah i agree with u. hana yori dango is the best based on the great chemistry and also the story. BOF’s casts are only cute/handsome but not good in acting not like in hanadan, great acting! i can feel what makino feels 🙂


    • yeah..i really agree with you…
      hana yori dango is still the best..

      i watch all the version of this and all i can say even though other people out there said that it sucks but I can say its the best ever though they are not that good looking like the casts in BOF…

      Nice story line from beginning up to the end



      • I truly agree..at first i like bof like crazy..but after a peek at hyd i got lost with it and also bought the drama of both season..bcoz it plays with deep emotion of viewers so its kinda challenging watching it but it feels gr8!hanadan always the best..also put in mind tht this drama is an adaptation from japanese drama…


  5. METEOR GARDEN is the BEST!!!! boys over flowers is so noisy!! the voiCe of the leading lady is not that good and i dont like the team up… theirs no CHEMISTRY!! LETS SEE if it can beat Meteor garden fever,, i guess NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



    meteor garden is really good but they dragged the story too much in some parts especially in season 2. BOF is more coherent. i watched it in 2 days coz i can’t get enough of it.

    both have great casting. but, you have to admit that the characters are explained more in bof. jan di being close to all of f4 is really sweet. ji hoo’s story is also touching. the yi jeong and ga eul story also brought some spice. i wished woo bin was also given the same exposure though.

    bout min ho and hye sun as jun pyo and jan di, i think they both did an awesome job. although jerry yan was the scariest of all, so far, no f4 leader has disappointed me yet. min ho showed us the cute side of jun pyo. he’s like a bulldozer who gets what he wants, the selfless protector. also, he we can feel it when he’s mad, frustrated and hurt… he made me cry many times. the same goes for hyun joong for ji hoo. i felt the emotions he wanted us to feel. he’s really sweet and charming.

    damn. where are all the bulldozers and firefighters? hahaha!

    as far as im concerned, BOF is the best but MG is also lovely (season 2 ruined it a bit though).


  7. idk why yall all be dissin hanayoridango
    but i watched all of them
    and id have to say its the best
    bof comes in second
    meteor garden last
    idk meteor garden has cute guys and everything
    but unlike the other ones
    the 2 F4 guys Xi Men and Mei Zuo Ling arent as friendly and stuff
    as they other F4 members from HYD and BOF
    meteor garden also drags out alot of things
    but thats about it there all good tho:DD


    • You are absoluytely right.
      Most of the people who say the other versions are better are the ones that never watched or HAVEN’T FINISHED the Hana Yori Dango series.
      People are having this craze about bof since most of them are good-looking (haha. no doubt about that♥)

      But i base my vote on what series won me over. And it’s HanaDan. Because of numerous reasons. Chemistry. Acting. and my attachment to the series. etc..

      And this is from a college student that watched ALL of the versions.
      c’mon. most people are too one sided.


        • Ashlee, who are you to say who’s right and wrong? We’re all here to express our opinions freely so if you can’t do that you might as well fck off. You’re being too one-sided.


      • i AGREE with palamoonin. several of them haven’t watched yet the hana yori dango series so they say that it’s the worst. but definitely thats NOT TRUE. they say that hanadan is not good because BOF and MG are the only series who became popular


      • If I have watched hana yori dango I will agree with you all
        But only BOF and MG, I think they both are equally good.

        BOF is funny and I can feel the love between F4 leader and the lady.

        For MG I can feel that the F4 is like so together can feel their friendship in the show, especially in MG season2.


      • You are absolutely wrong.

        Most of the people who say that Boys Before Flowers is the best version have also FINISHED watching the Hana Yori Dango series. I personally wouldn’t have watched BBF if I haven’t watched HanaDan. I had this notion before watching HanaDan that the first is always the best and that MG already had it all. But after the amazing story that HanaDan gave, I also gave BBF a chance. I had the craze about BBF even before people said that they were good-looking.

        If I base my vote on what series won me over, it’s BBF… because of the same reasons you had.

        And this is ALSO from a college student who has watched ALL of the versions.

        c’mon. To say that people are too one sided just because they voted for MG or BBF is not fair!


        • I said it was “Most of the people” who haven’t watched or HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED watching Hana Yori Dango say that BOF or MG is better.
          That is evident. You will find some of these people when you scroll up and and down the comment section of this article.
          If you are one of those who have watched ALL of the episodes of all the different versions, then you are an exception.
          you prefer BBF. that’s your opinion. i respect that.

          But that will never make mine “wrong” or even “‘absolutely” wrong”.

          it is NOT unfair to say that ‘most’ people are too one sided just because they voted for MG or BBF because they really are one sided–
          “Most people”‘ are. You can hear fangirls screaming for BOF and saying HYD disgusts them because the japanese F4 were ugly.

          that’s a fact. open your eyes. one day i hope you realize that.

          Because for me, at the end of the day, BBF remained superficial..a series that hooked me, got me all hyped up and swoon me over because of the good-looking guys and romantic storylines.
          But when i look back, all the morals about friendship and family that i learned from watching Hana Yori Dango will always, always be the one that remains closest to my heart.
          and if that’s not fair to all of you,
          i won’t really care.
          because it’s all fair for me.


      • to those who are saying that HanaDan sucks..

        well, let me ask you people. have you seen HanaDan already?? i bet not. they may not have the looks but i assure you, they do have the best storyline..


      • Best comment ever!^^ Thank you.

        Me too. Ive watched the 3 versions 🙂 And honestly, Ive watched a lot of KDramas (major Kpop fan here) compared to JDramas. But then Im basing my vote as well on what series won me over ❤


      • If I have watched hana yori dango I will agree with you all
        But only BOF and MG, I think they both are equally good.
        BOF is funny and I can feel the love between F4 leader and the lady.
        For MG I can feel that the F4 is like so together can feel their friendship in the show, especially in MG season2.


    • yeah…i agree with you 100%
      same ranking for me

      hana yori has a clear and organized story line ^^

      best proposal, so romantic!!! giggles*
      best wedding!

      i’m so touched!!!

      i cried when domyoji’s mother accept tsukushi


  8. BOF is the best 4 me..

    ndi cya nakakasawa..


    ung mga nagsasabi ng ndi maganda ung BOF ..

    manuod muna kayo bgo niu sbhn yan..


    tc po..!



  9. laos na ung dalawa ee..peace!!!


    wag sana magalit ung mga fans nung dalawa…

    nagsasabi lan ako ng opinion ko!!

    peace po..:)


  10. dear freaky fans of hana yori dango FYI…BOF is the best and hana yori dango has noting to do with it…the characters are U-G-L-Y!!! UGLY!! (no offense to the characters and the fans of hana yori dango)…so i must say out loud step aside hana yori dangoers…And the only thing that i suppose i can say…AND YOU HAVE NO MATCH FOR BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!

    To hana yori dango:

    Your nothing but a second rate trying HARD carbon COPY!!!!!!…


    • Janine (29)
      You sound like BOF fan who doesn´t know about the other versions AT ALL.
      First, Hana Yori dango came FIRST than BOF, so BOF is the carbon copy here.
      Second, Beauty faces doesn´t equal good drama at all, After 25 episodes of the drama, The producers themselves admited the drama was regular, and it could been much better.
      Third, don´t say “no offense” if you are going to bash the fans. Sounds retarded.


    • If I have watched hana yori dango I will agree with you all that it is very good.

      But only BOF and MG, I think they both are equally good.
      BOF is funny and I can feel the love between F4 leader and the lady.

      For MG I can feel that the F4 is like so together can feel their friendship in the show, especially in MG season2.


    • cgherrhenr,

      Be careful of your statement. Although Hana Yori Dango came EARLIER than BOF, Meteor Garden is still the FIRST live-action series. Shall we say then that Hana Yori Dango is also a carbon copy?

      But people loved HYD despite it being the second already. So it IS possible to love a carbon copy. You must realize the moment you chose HYD over MG that people choose the version that they like regardless of when it was released.

      If the producers did say that their Korean version could have been much better, not that I’ve heard about it, it would’ve only been out of modesty. It’s good that they could still find rooms for improvement even if it was already the BOMB. If I was the producer of either MG or HYD, I would’ve said the same thing because not even those two could be called “flawless.”


      • I never say that HYD was the original, or I do?. I answered Janine comment about how HYD wasnt carbon copy¨of BOF. 1)BOF, if you have watched all the version as I do, it DID follow the HYD storyline more than it followed the manga storyline.

        2) MG wasn´t the first live acton of the manga. It was the Japan Hana yori dango 1995. so MG wasn´t the original.

        3) BOF producers… modesty? they were commenting this after the final episode (25) when the ending had mixed reviews (Bad and good) and some fans were disappointed. they admited the drama “could have been better” but they glad “they casted pretty faces for F4 so they are satisfied” . OK, what was that? you prefer hot guys over a good storyline? NO THANKS.


      • I said that MG was the first live-action SERIES. I think I didn’t make a mistake about that. Japan made the very first live-action adaptation of the manga in 1995, which is a MOVIE.
        cgherrhenr, you said that Hana Yori dango came FIRST than BOF in order to prove that it was better. MG fans could argue with the same thing so that statement was a weak point.
        Giving the trivia that Japan made a movie in 1995 doesn’t make the Japanese HYD series in 2005 the original nor first than MG. They are two different films.
        And with regards to you quoting the comment of SOME fans that BOF could’ve better but were satisfied with the pretty faces of F4. Yes, you were quick to note it in mind as long as it’s about the leads being hot. Those were the comment of SOME fans and not all fans. SOME like me actually think that many parts of the BOF storyline were original and much better.


        • Reese:
          1)When I did say that because HYD came first than BOF is better? I know that MG was from 2001 but it´s clearly not the best live action. I repeat AGAIN that I was replying someone´s comment about HYD being carbon copy of BBF korean which is NOT.
          2) The producers of BBF korean version said they are satisfied with the pretty cast. NOT the fans.


        • But it sounds like ur making mg is the first version of the adaptation..right now it just concern about the comment from janine and i see tht ur comment is not related to it…so just straight to the point…hyd is still japanese version although they r not the same thing…r


  11. BOF dragging out the story line. I was excited when there was a Korean version because the F4 are all handsome. When it was ended geez acting is not that superb especially the human emotions. Hanadan is purely manga adaptation. BOF characters is out the story line. There is nothing to do with the eye candy of BOF F4. I like how Hanadan being simple and elegant. Jan Di is supposedly not weak. Ji Hoo the most talkative introvert.


  12. My orden of preference:
    1) HYD
    2)Meteor garden
    3)Kkotboda namja (BOF)

    I guess I prefer HYD because of the main couple. They really looked in love unlike the Korean couple. In MG I didn´t like shancai very much. The actress looked a bit arrogant in the role. Makino is supposed to be humble and kind with spunk.


  13. Wala nang tatalo sa Boys over Flowers…kahit ano…Kahit Meteor Garden or Hana Yori Dango…At bakit pang kailangan isama ang Meteor Garden sa Survey kung matagal na itong laos(no offense sa mga Meteor Garden fans hanggang ngayon) Kaya kung ako sa inyo…mag Boys over Flowers na lang kayo….ok=)))


  14. The original version was the ANIME of JAPAN…..Taiwanese Meteor Garden did their own version, and it did the story justice since the plot didn’t get out of the original one….while BOF, really did their own..and somehow, a very common type of drama plot….sorry to say, but BOF is just the recent copycat of HYD!!!!!


  15. no offense pero i can’t stand the female lead in BOF…so annoying (the way she makes faces & the way she always shouts) patay gutom pa(the way she eats parang baboy) can’t imagine kung pano nainlove dito ang male lead…ooopps sori sa mga fans… ang parati ko lang naririnig sa mga may gusto nito is gwapo ang f4 nila…un lng

    in my opinion pinakamaganda is the japanese…sure hindi nga sila goodlooking pero they made it up on their acting…way better than their korean & taiwanese counter part na hindi mo na mapanpansin ung itsura nila


  16. grabe naman..
    acting lhan nman ung gngwa ni jan di ee..
    ndi naman cya gnun sa tutuong buhay..
    tyurah naman..!
    bsta mas madaming votes sa BOF..
    uala ng tatalo dun..
    tapucn nio muna kxe ung BOF ee..
    at saka mganda naman xya ee..
    alam namin na ndi un ung orig..
    kaya nga mai version ee..
    at iba ibang bnsa naman..
    wag kaung mglit..
    just saying my opinion..
    tc kau..


    • ala po ko sinabi na ganon sya sa totoong buhay…i criticize her acting skills kaya ko nasabi un…well i must admit hindi ko nga sya natapos, kasi hirap talaga me pagtiyagaan and marami na rin me kilala na natapos na to & they say na it’s just ok, mas maganda pa rin daw japanese


      • yah. saka tignan mo ung mga ibang poll. hndi lng nmn sila dito bumoboto. iba iba mga panalo. madami na nga kong nakitang panalo ang HYD eh


        • hahaha!
          you’re right.
          this is the first website i came across with that has BOF winning a poll!

          most of it went like this:

          HYD: 60%
          MG: 30%
          BOF: 10%
          (im not lying. T_T)

          but that was done (or voted by people) who actually made reasonable, unsuperficial reviews about the whole series. and no offense (most of them were reviews coming worldwide: so since US and Australia are included, i guess hyd gets the top spot here)

          “most” of us here are Filipinos and as much as i love my countrymen, we all know the hype BOF made in the Philippines that sadly, people are narrowing their options about the other versions and becoming plainly close minded about this.

          i hope before anyone disagrees with me again, you’d remember that this is my own point ofview.

          don’t shut off our opinions as if they’re crap. if it bothers you, then it’s not our problem anymore.

          (the act of being stubborn usually denotes immaturity..so don’t forget the respect people. we’ve given them to you. please do the same for us)


          • oh. i was wrong. most of the poll said:

            HYD: 60%
            BOF: 30%
            MG: 10% (Must’ve been because of the lame season2. the first season was amazing though)


  17. BOF actors can’t act.

    Jan di EWWW
    Ji Hoo can’t act for nuts
    Yi Jung “I like your delicious hand, I am a playboy I drink I cry” is atrocious and cringeworthy
    LMH is a cry baby weak and not funny for two cents “Domyoji”
    Ga Eul character is YiJung glue who has never gone to school (she is always here to flirt with Yi Jung)


  18. Frankly didn’t you noticed GaEul has never gone to school she is always with Boy and Kim Bum is saved by his couple with Ga Eul because actingwise he falls FLAT as the so called “playboy”. He looks too much young he is not believable same to non existant Wo Bin (At least Akira showed how he hit on girl and how he treat them)


  19. eiiiiii
    ak maghah la ni kan
    budak2 nih
    ak kate ckp bahase omputih ckp gak bahasa yg ak tk phm
    die igt ni forum bahase die agaknye
    ske2 ati mak datuk nenek die je
    ak delete komen karanggg
    kalau da tk tau type omputih tu phm pulak ape ak ckp kt atas tuu
    maghah ni maghah


  20. WeLL BOF is lumbas nagaun so un ang pinapanood. BUt ndi mkuha ni lee min ho how JERRY YAN potrya ang pagiging mybng. At mas gwpo s kanya c KIM BUM so sna x nlng ang leader ng F4 tpoz ang leading lady nya c GA EUL. Well its not because of the CAST why a certain show becomes ravishing but it’s because of the story. So for me METEOR GARDEN is d BEST!! Because it is very funny, romantic and glamorous. Oh ano palag?!


      • YAH METEOR GARDEN is still the best. Because JERRY YAN is more handsome than GU JUN PYO and he can potray perfectly the role of being a leader of F4. That’s why i still choose METEOR GARDEN. Wala ng TATALO s MG..yes OMG nga Tlga..


    • Lee Min Ho could pull off the playboy role but I can’t imagine Kim Bum playing arrogant and violent. If Kim Bum and Min Ho switched roles, people would say again na sana magpalit ulit sila ng role kasi mas gwapo si Min Ho. Lee Min Ho was casted as Gu Jun Pyo because he is the perfect fit, not because he can sing the theme song like Jerry Yan or because he’s already too popular like MatsuJun.

      “It’s not because of the CAST why a certain show becomes ravishing but because of the story” is soooo true.

      BBF rocks!


  21. YES sUsin and HAHA..METEOR GARDEN FOREVER!!! Xmpre qng anong latest doon tau.. But MG lng ang ndi p nalalaos. HAY inlove pa rin ako s METEOR GARDEN


  22. I stumbled through this blog and I really feel like I had to comment, because there’s so much HYD bashing here, which is kind of sad, because I’m a big Hanadan fan.

    Well, as for me it goes 1.) HYD, 2.) BOFs and 3.) Meteor Garden. Frankly, I understand why Philippines, love MG so much, because its the country’s first love. I, personally have never seen it because I could not tolerate the poor acting and really low budget. I mean, F4, are supposedly ridiculously rich, and the Japanese F4 made the MG look like middle class. But overall I just think HYD is the best in terms of cinematography, acting, and story line. I think a lot of people, find HYD a little weird, and too dark and a little over the top, but that’s because this version mostly based it on the shoujo manga (which started it all). Once you realize that its based on the manga, it only makes HYD better because they really did a good job on what things to adapt, and what not.

    BOFs, had its good and bad sides, enjoyable to watch, but there were some definite plot inconsistencies.

    and frankly, for avid asian drama watchers online, HYD is definitely more popular and preferred. I actually think this is the first blog I came across to that preferred Korean Hanadan.

    sorry for the long post =)


    • No philanono.
      It’s alright.
      I don’t mind at all the long post as long as it’s in english.
      Thank you for writing in english cos i don’t really understand all those ‘ang’ , ‘ng’ , ‘ung’ and all. :p


    • Wow!!really worship this comment…agree wif u they dont even read the manga yet they just make statements like an honourable experts..wth..i am also a big fan of hanadan!!feels good to see a big fan of hanadan here among all this shallow minded crowd…:-D


  23. i think they’re all the best but if i have to choose just one it’ll be ~meteor garden~…simply because the concept of originality is there, despite the fact that it is manga adapted still they captured the hearts of million people….at khit ulit ulitin p ang MG eh hindi ako magsasawang panuorin un…


  24. METEOR GARDEN IS STILL D BEST Because of the GREAT interpretation of the story…. The Cast Delivers THEIR ROLE to the FULLEST… The CHEMISTRY of JERRY AND BARBIE is GREAT.. MG delivers both comedy and romantic moments.. Unlike BOF it failed to combine both.. nothing but comedy..

    MG Vic perfectly displays the mysterious and not a care in the world guy… BOF Jun-Ji-hoon is not sooo mysterious..

    MG Vanness the carefree and happy-go-lucky guy.. BOF unknown.. Failed to deliver a happy-go-lucky guy character..

    MG Ken is matured enough and convincing to act as a PLAYBOY type.. BOF is young and innocent..

    MG Jerry manage to adopt the real type of guy according to manga “Hana Yori Dango” He looks COOL, SUPERIOR, FEARLESS character.. BOF only cool and cool all cool, failed to become fearless and superior..

    MG Barbie (Fighter-like-Character). BOF Lousy and soooo MATURED..

    No Offense BOF funs


  25. finally, a site where BOF wins! i really hate it when people say that BOF was only watched because of its good-looking actors. give them more credit than that! besides the best casting, they have the best storyline, digital effects and interpretation of the characters. Gu Hye Sun portrayed a more mature and understanding female protagonist than Inoue’s bold and childish character. Jun Pyo was sweeter in every way and Ji Hoo showed the purest unrequited love. The other two F4 members were also given more scenes and lines which attest to F4 being one.


    • admit it, Boys Over Acting is just plain looks…can you tell me a review that praises their acting skills or storyline?

      best casting? you’ve got to be kidding me…jandi more mature? if you say annoying equates to maturity, i can agree with you…the lead female should act tough not making faces all the time

      kudos to abscbn for the media hype!!!


      • so did you only say hyd is the best because of the reviews? what if i make one, would you shut up? you haven’t even watched all three versions… and what do the reviews say about hyd, “i love matsujun and inoue” or “i love you shun.” what do they say about akira, soujirou, the fiancee, the best friend, and okami-san? NOTHING! akira and soujirou didn’t make an impact, that’s why the korean F4 were best casted. and if it’s just the media hype, why don’t you let the bof fans watch hyd and get their feedbacks? personally, i used to love hyd and was very reluctant to watch bof, but even if it was the 3rd version, it was able to captivate me. can hyd do that if it became the 3rd version instead of bof?


      • If the fans were only after the looks, people would never have preferred Hana Yori Dango over Meteor Garden. By saying that Boys Before Flowers is just plain looks, you are admitting that plain looks are enough to beat another version.


  26. the best ang boys over flower kasi maganda,nakakakilig,at ang gwagwapo pa nila……basta the best ang boys over flower….
    at ang masasabi ko lang kay gou juom pyo MAHAL kita kasi ang gwapo mo at kay yi joung i love you rin kasi ang cute mo……yun lang….basta para sakin kayo ang the BEST…..

    your fan;
    Wilberth “jonna marie” M. Maldecino


  27. Mas Maganda Ang Hana Yori Dango…. Parang Hindi Ginaya Sa Meteor Garden Dahil May Sariling Manga…. Gaya Kasi Ung Boys Over Flower. Maganda Pero Parang Pinaghalo Na Ung 1 aND 2 Sa Season 1. Kaya Hana Yori Dango The BEST…..


    • love meteor garden

      kc mas may sense ung xtorie ng meteor garden
      eh ung bof puro pacute larn aman di nla inicip kung anu ang magiging reaction ng mga viewers

      that’s all and xapat na na dahilan un para xavihin natin na panalo talaga ang meteor garden

      mga loser wlang mga sense


  28. HYD is the best version of the 3 dramas.

    It´s true that BOF is a overrated show. Someone commented about this show is “all looks and nothing more” and it´s right. when you ask a BOF fan why is the best, they only say: “The F4 are hot”. What a retarded answer.
    Jandi is annoying, stupid and you have to be brainless to like her. such a moronic lead character. she cries and looks like the damsel in distress that needs to be saved all the time. I dispised so much her almost suicide in EP 25; drowning herself to force Junpyo to remember her. Makino in the manga would never do such a despicable action.

    I hope chinese version will be better than this crap.


    • Jan Di didn’t drown herself because she was killing herself. She did it because she was confident that Gu Jun Pyo will remember. Gun Jun Pyo is not the only one allowed to do silly things, always the one chasing after the girl. And so you call this gesture despicable because it is different from the manga. How narrow-minded!


      • I know she didn´t wanted to kill herself. You think I didn´t watch the show?. I was trying to say the mode she used to force him to remember. When she was renacted the past it was OK, but to throw herself in a danger position to force someone to save her…
        What would happened if he didn´t remember? I wonder. she would die. And it´s not because it´s different from the manga. learn to read comment first.

        Maybe you are the narrow minded person if you accept that kind of action only because the show has pretty faces. or it something else?


      • you did say that “Makino in the manga would never do such a despicable action.” what about the time she looked for the necklace in the snow? what do you think will happen if Domyouji wasn’t able to find her?
        but we all loved that part of the story and didn’t think that tsukushi was brainless or trying to commit suicide.

        it goes to say you didn’t like the “mode jan di used to force him to remember” because makino didn’t do it in the manga. you think that everything has to be done like it was in the manga or else it is despicable. am i right? please don’t assume too much. i didn’t say that the leads have pretty faces that is why it is okay for jan di to throw herself in the pool. 😀


        • LOL. Makino did not brave the snowstorm to look for an effing necklace… She went out to look for her best friend who she thought was in danger.


  29. ha ha the best is boy over flower. their charming way and also their style (clothes) is more fashion than other . i love this drama so much ha ha ha ^ _ ^


  30. oh i forgot i love the way they act and their face also. no one is better than them because they are the BEST! * _ * hee hee hee


  31. lolzzzz……mas d best ang meteor garden wew…..
    meteor garden lng nmn ngpauso about the story of f4..hayz…mas danda pa barbie xu jan kesa ke girl ng BOF ang tanda nya..d nmn xa bagay gun jun pyu…..wew…….s 22o lng ala nmn ka dating2x yang BOF nkakaboring ang f4 s BOF…

    fans of meteor garden …



  32. ..hey guysz pinakamaganda kaya yung BOYS OVER FLOWERS. 2nd ung METEOR GARDEN tapuss ung HANA YORI DANGO..

    di vah!! i’m right tapos kakilig pah ung mga songs sa BOF..


  33. ok first of all, I’ve read all the manga for HYD, seen the anime, watched HYD, MG and BOF…

    my first choice was HYD, because the story was not draggy unlike the two others, they only took all the important parts from the manga. They changed the story a little from the manga and it was ok cause they were not planning on dragging the tv drama for 21 episodes. Even though the f4 were not that good looking, they all have compensate for their good acting especially Matsumoto Jun and Mao Inue. Watching them both was like the real thing from the manga.

    second choice was meteor garden. Yes the story was draggy but only because they were more detailed. They change some of the story as well but not that much. Jerry Yan also did a good job on portraying domyouji from the manga but not as good as Matsumoto Jun though, and Barbie Xu. I didn’t see the Makino Tsukushi from the manga in her. About the second season? Totally off, everything from the second season didn’t exists in the manga. I didn’t even think it was right to make such sequel when it supposed to be base from the manga.

    Then comes BOF. First episodes I was like mad and shock…WTF… Already from the 1st episodes lots of the story from the manga was change, Jan Di a swimmer? Gu Jun Pyo doesn’t know how to swim? and Gu Jun Pyo’s dad, he was only mentioned in the manga, he was not supposed to be a part of it. I can just kept on going about how bad BOF was, but no, I don’t have the whole night….This adaptation was totally different from the manga….I could say that only 60 percent was from the manga…The actors and actress, Geum Jan Di acts better than Barbie Xu but not good enough than Mao Inue. BOF f4 not good in acting….

    Don’t get me wrong I’m a very fan of the HYD manga. So when everyone kept on saying BOF was better than HYD and MG (minus second season), you don’t know the real story from the manga.

    Let’s see if the China, Malaysian (i dunno if i want to see their version) and Philippines version are better…. I just hope that they won’t change the story so much that it wouldn’t look like HYD(manga) anymore.


    • We are aware that BOF changed a lot of stories from the manga, that Jan di is supposed to be already enroled in the elite school from the beginning, that Gu Jun Pyo shouldn’t be afraid of the water, that Yi Jung is not romantically involved with Gaeul, and many others. These changes also made us doubt at first if the series would be worth watching but as it progressed, it proved that water and swimming alike were important elements in intensifying the relationships. We like BOF, with all of its variations. Unlike you, we did not rate the dramas based on how well they copied the manga but on the depth with which they were able to touch us.


    • i agree with you.
      Your review really made a lot of sense.
      Though MG was kind of dragging, it was very detailed and was really good.
      BOF was damn it wtf! (i’m at my limit.lol)
      jandi was annoying. GOd, i wanna slap her.
      justice is all i want to the role.
      the poor girl who loves her family so much and cares about her friends.. the girl who has always been an image of strength and honor when deep inside, she’s just a fragile woman, masking off her fears in her couragely appearance.
      hyd FTMFW!
      (gee, i think i’ve lost it. i gotta get out of this site and watch some criminal minds instead)

      anyhow, i really loved your review!Gbless!


  34. One more thing I guessed most of you are rating HYD, MG and BOF for their good looking actors, I’m not. I’m rating them on how well these actors portrays each character from the original story from the manga, and how well the tv drama were created based from the manga.


  35. tang ina mong wendy ka at tsaka ikaw haha……..napaka old school ng style nyo…,,”ehhh bulok na kaya ung meteor garden…tsaka ung may mga gusto sa hana yori…ung mga un naman buloka ng mga muka…..kaya kung gusto nyong walang kaaway sa bof na lang kau….sila kase maka-moderno and muka…di katulad ng hanayori tsaka meteor garden!!


    • Ouh yekke
      I pun da tak cek sgt post ni
      da byk sgt org komen bahasa i tk phm
      sooo last season you know
      anyway thanx for visiting 😉


  36. Meteor Garden Vs Hana Yori Dango Vs Boys Over Flower….what a silly question!..hmmm…for me the most favorable series is the meteor garden cause the impact that they’d bring to the people are so amazing,i admit me as my self is one of the fanatic of this movie.,and even my parents too,they love meteor garden,unlike now,bof is not more interesting although it is a good movie,but the similarities is there,and the essence of the story is known as an a 5 person who are the main cast even though not all are in common,hahayy…its too long…this three are good movies for me!hehehe….


  37. for me i prefer meteor garden…kz pg naaalala ko si dao parang gustong mahulog ng panty ko..hahahah….inlove parin ako ky dao…ang obviously sya ang pinaka gwapo among all the main char. ang pinaka malakas ang dating..:)

    i love you jerry yan!!!!


  38. Jerry Yan of Meteor Garden was good but Lee Minho is the most gorgeous Tsukasa ever. while Jun Matsumoto is the only one who could perfectly fit the role of Domyouji. why? because he is the imaginary model of the manga..his looks, the way he moves, even the flips of his fingers. (common moves of Johnny’s entertainment talents)
    I don’t know how HYD was shown in the Philippines but HYD had a part 2 which makes it long as Boys Over Flowers.
    since BOF copied a lot from HYD, i expected the ending would be somewhat similar too, where Tsukasa and Tsukushi finally got married. the two of them strolling at the beach with their son who looks a lot like Domyouji (with that notorious curly hair) was so cute and touching..
    overall, if I may rate it..
    1. HYD-
    2. BOF



    boys over flowers .. winnn :X for me ..


    channel 2 is the best than channel 7 :p
    & i know that’s true :]


  40. grabe super craze nung dumating ung MG, taz touching din lalo na nung binubugbog si dao…

    mejo naging boring lang xa nung may amnesia na chu2

    taz pinanood na nmen bof, super craze din because of the boys,, i thought it was the best kc ang ggwapo ng boiz at ang gnda rin ng story…

    pero npanood ko dn sa dvd hana yori dango… d q xa trip tapusin nung una kc mejo boring(unlike sa bof, start p lng ulam na haha!!)

    but as the story goes in HYD, it’s so amazing

    at tlgang may chemistry cna tsukushi at tsukasa compared sa ibang versions… so i love it and i think HYD is the best 🙂

    try niong panuorin ng buo ung hana yori dango… so kakilig wahahahha!!!


  41. Comment q for the 3… hmm, MG is too long, nkakainip, peru malakas tlg ang impact kc una.. ung HYD, kung s mga itsura tlg, wla clang dating. nkktamad pnuorin, peru kung pagti3pan mu tlgng panuorin, nkakaadik dn. Ung BOF NAMAN, whch i really love the most, not just because of the characters as they are so lovely but also the scene and the twist. Hehe. b0f ako tlaga! d nkKswang pnuorin. malakas ang dating! Mgnda ang scenes kht n meju my palya. hehe

    *kung ngaun talaga ire rate these 3.. bof tlg ang pnalo, kc ung MG, ang f4, baduy n cla now? ryt? hehe argh! wla tlgng dting s mga pnhong ito. D n ko mgco2ment s looks ng Hyd. hehe bof, the best charcters! hehe


  42. Without a question, Hana Yori Dango is the best!!!
    I can’t understand why most of you prefer BOF! The lead actress doesn’t seem to look natural when acting, I mean you can see that she is just acting! She’s SO overreacting that I can’t take the drama because of her! Too much stupid moves on her face, and plus she’s not pretty!
    I don’t find it exciting! Yeh they looked cute, but not that really handsome! I don’t care about the looks as much as the attraction and performance!
    And that’s exactly what i found in HYD! OMG i love matsujun, though he’s not handsome, but i find him so cute and adorable, he’s the best Domyouji!!!!!!!
    Makino is a cutieee i liked her and she makes you truly feel the situation! I really so much felt the true love between them!
    Ruiiii is so attractive, and I loved how calm he is! He did it way better! And their friendship was obviously so strong I was able to feel it!!
    Those who say BOF are more luxurious, well HYD were too!
    Don’t forget that BOF is 2009! so that’s why! ehhh
    Domyoujiiiiiiiiiiiii rulesss!!!


  43. hayz…. gamitin nyo nman mga utak nyo ang hihina nyo mag isip… ung manga nman nyan galing sa JAPANESE TAPOS HALOS KAPAREHO NG MANGA UNG mga NASA HANAYORI DANGO… dami nyo palang mga walang utak d2 pakamatay nlng kau




    • lol. i agree with your choice, but the manner you are stating it is kinda off–
      well anyway (some stubborn people here ARE getting senseless and annoying so i completely understand why you’re cursing right now.)


  45. d tlaga kyo mrunong pumili
    wla nman tlagang pangit dyan eh
    inggit lng ksi kyo s hana yori dango
    dhil mganda si inoue mao
    at s meteor garden
    inggit n inggit rn kyo
    plibhasa wlang ngkakagusto sainyo
    n mga ksing gwapo nla
    puro kyo boys over flower
    e may garfield dun hahahaha duh
    muka ksi kyong garfield hahahahah
    inyong inyo n si kim joon noh


  46. Seriously? Hana Yori Dango would have to be the best.

    Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers was just dragging. And, the Chemistry between Tsukasa and Tsukushi was indescribable.
    Just because Meteor Garden aired first, it doesn’t mean it is the best. And, just because Boys Over Flowers is has just finished airing, doesn’t mean it’s the best. It only means that it has left a hangover to the watchers.

    Storyline, acting, characters, setting would all have to be awarded to Hana Yori Dango.


  47. hi!!!!! 2 all di poe ba kau marunong pumili………


    pare-parehas naman poe clang maganda ehh!!!!!!!!!!

    di poe kc kau marunong pumili………………….




    Maganda nga ang BOF but nothing beats the original!

    besides… kung wala ang meteor garden, walang BoF!

    (As in… ipaglalaban ko talaga si vic zhou ‘noh!)


  49. …FYI…
    ang japanese version ang original..
    kaso nga lang anime mas nauna lang mag live action ang taiwan.. c Kamio Yoko pa nga ang author ehh..

    HYD is d best? Pls. watch b4 you juudge..


  50. .boys over flower is the best……..they really got the chemistry and the luxurious gu jun py0…hahah actually i’m a big fan of kim bum and the side story of yi jeong and gaeul is cute……….kim joon,kim hyun joong,lee min hoo,and kim bum are so hot.i’m so addicted to them..:))))


  51. i really don’t like the japanese versi0n which is hana yori dang0….their f4 is not good looking..so discusting eiiiww…but the f4 of boys over flower are damn hot..hahaha!and great story.


  52. here how i ranked, based on my observation.

    1) Boys over Flower- Korean version 2009- F4’s fame, power and luxuries life stands out, and they spend so much money to have this drama a real fantasy from clothing, parties, school uniforms, cars, airplanes, scenes, trips, foods, houses and etc. this F4 group are all handsome and i like them all. They are all real men, height, face and grooming. I like how they squeezed the whole manga book into 25 episodes which not taking out the charm of the F4. even some stories are missing like Song Woo Bin they only put one scene showing his life. But this drama makes Song Woo Bin lovable because he is the most matured and always happy person.

    2) Hana Yori Dango – Japanese version 2005 – I expect the Japanese will make it the best version since they originate the Japanese manga comics. In some ways, i make it 2nd because it more detailed. But should be the F4 came from extremely powerful families? the effects doesn’t shows luxury life, and fame of F4 on this drama.

    3) Meteor Garden – Taiwanese version 2001 – this is the first version, so people still like it and some people ranked it number one. Maybe because its the first version. But the story is so far from the manga comics. I put it the least, because F4 on this version doesn’t have any charm. Maybe if i watched it on 2001 i will be fan of this drama, but the effects and the scenes is so far to be suite for F4 group.


  53. I have seen all three version of boys before flowers.

    I watched Meteor Garden 1st, then Boys before flowers and lastly Hana Yori Dango. I find they are all entertaining.

    Best Domyoji: HYD> BBF=MG

    Ok the best looking Domyoji would be between Lee Minh Ho and Jerry Yan depending on your taste. Lee Minh Ho is more of a pretty boy and Jerry Yan has a rough, bad boy appearance. So it depends if you like a more masculine or effeminite looking man.

    However, I thought the Japanese Guy acted Domyoji the best. I must admit when I first saw him I thought he was FUGLY. But as the series progressed he acted his part brilliantly. He slowly touched my heart and in the end I thought he was the best in capturing Domyoji character. The other 2 version, the actors were eye candy but did not capture the spirit of Domyoji as well as the Japanese Guy.

    Makino: HYD> MG> BBF

    I thought BBF had the worst version of Makino. Poorly acted and so many inconsistancy in her character. One second she was standing up against F4 and the next she was a damsel in distress. I seriously do not understand why three guys would fall for her.

    The Japanese version, the actress was superb and I liked how they developed her character. She was spunky and tough but you see her inner struggle and angst towards her feelings between Dominji and Rui and adapting to a rich environment when she is not well off. I can seriously see why Rui and Domyoji fell for her. Also I liked the fact that she had her own
    career goals

    Barbie Hse: She was ok. Nothing really great but not as bad as Jan Di.

    The best Rui: MG> HYD > BBF

    I thought Vic Zhou was the best looking Rui and also the most mysterious one.

    The best Sojirou: MG> HYD> BBF

    I will admit that Kim Bum is the best looking Sojirou but seriously he does not look like a play boy. I thought the actors in MG and HYD played their parts well but the actor in MG was slightly more attractive so I voted for MG.

    The best Akira: MG> HYD> BBF

    The actor in MG I felt was more cool and funny than the others. Akira in BBF did not have much screen time.

    Best F4 Chemistry: MG>HYD>BBF

    BBF did not have much of F4 chemistry. I did not feel the brotherly love.

    Best Domyoji + Makino Chemistry: HYD>MG>BBF

    HYD without a doubt had the best onscreen chemistry with the main couple. You felt their love. It was strong. You knew why they were made for each other. Also they have the best kissing scenes-classy and romantic.

    MG they had great chemistry but Barbie Hse was constantly confused with her emotions towards Jerry Yan so it got a bit annoying. The vibe I get from watching the couple is that their relationship was more fieryand sexual.They had some really HOT kissing scenes together- lustful and passionate.

    BBF: No chemistry. The kissing scenes were CRAP It was stiff d lacked emotions. It felt Jan Di was not in the mood to kiss. I seriously thought Lee Minh Ho had better onscreen chemistry with his fiance. They should have casted her as Jan Di instead of the current actress (she is so bad and does this really annoying movement with her mouth. Trying to be cute but in the end looks stupid).

    Best Costumes, settings and props:BBF> HYD> MG

    Without a doubt, BBF had the most luxurious atomsphere out of all the three versions. Exotic locations, highly fashionable outfits ,amazing mansion and awesome cars.

    Best cimetography and edting : HYD>BBF>MG

    HYD had superb scenes. The scenese they created was well thought out and brilliantly filmed. It was short and sweet.

    Best Script: HYD>MG>BBF

    Best Music: a tie

    Best Ending: HYD=MG> BBF

    BBF ending was too rushed. MG a more dramatic ending. HYD more humorous and romantic.

    Best Version: HYD> MG> BBF

    Ppl who are fans of BBF, I would admit when I first watched it, I was addicted to it. It was like adding MSG to your meal, its
    tasty and addictive but after a while you realise this series is bad for your brain. It had so many flaws, I think what made the series addictive is the good looking F4 (without a doubt the best looking F4)&the whole affluent vibe you get from the series. I guess everybody wanted a taste or the affluent lifestyle and the korean version was the best in depicting this. The series was totally eye candy. It was without a doubt entertaining but after a 2nd and 3rd viewing there is too many CRINGE factors: crap acting, inconsistant story line, poor character development, overuse of music and too dragging.

    However, the ones that will age well will be HYD and MG.


  54. Gosh! You are all affected by this? Anyway, I think BFF or BOF is a lot more like meteor garden than HYD. To be honest with you guys, BOF became the best among them because it is the latest copy series.

    Why don’t you think of it, which cell phone is good? the latest one or the old one? OF course, the latest right? This comparison is the same as Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, and Boys Before Flowers.


  55. BEST tlaga ang BOYS OVER FLOWERS………ang gwapo nlang lhat…lalo na c KIM BUM….♥♥….and cheap na Nung hana yori dango and meteor garden….I LOVE BOF….♥


  56. i dont get why people say hana yori dango came from meteor garden..baliktad yan!!
    ung lahat ng drama came from the japanese manga hana yori dango


  57. people out there commenting with these fweakin dramas.. i want to leave one too.. adding information about you guys just knows how to watch.. well my vote is for HYD.. first of all..the drama was well spent.. it cost a lot yens just for the drama.. and the stars even though you guys ought to say that they are not quite pretty.. well i dunno coz im a guy.. haha.. i have been there and the director was so strict.. that’s why the HYD was a hell damn yeh drama/comedy/action and most of you guys there im pretty sure is somehow a fan of anime stuff..well i dunno.. i’ve been with koreans.. but their attitude is quite abnormal for me.. they are absolute boastful and like see the filipons very low.. and for a korean to say that koreans have a bad attitude.. somekind of korean guy to say for their fellowmen.. haha i cheer for the people who care about the fans not only at their state..


  58. i cant choose…for me all of them is good in their own ways,,,the first drama that i ever loved was Meteor Garden,,then when the Hana Yori Dango came i’m getting addicted too..and the boys over flowers..the same feeling. i think there is no need to argue w/ this..They are the best drama of all time..the story of f4^_^,,
    but since i have to vote i chose Boys Over Flowers because this drama changed my whole life..


  59. Hana Yori dango pwns~
    and Matsumoto Jun
    fits the part,
    so does rui,
    and yeah JUST EVERYONE.
    and makino is the prettiest i think.
    and there not versions of meteor garden
    there all versions of hana yori dango,
    hana yori dango was the first, they
    got the idea off of an anime.


  60. meteor garden, hana yori dango or boys over flowers? those in live action sucks! none is teh best compared to teh original manga :))

    p/s : have u seen Doumyouji Tsukasa HYD (Dao Ming Si : MG, Gu jun Pyo (BOF) original hair in manga?? >.<


    • The first one is the manga/comics (1992), then the movie (1995) w/c starred Yuki Uchida, then the anime/cartoon series (1996), then the anime movie (1997), then taiwanenes drama Meteor Garden I & II (2001/2002), then japanese drama Hana Yori Dango & Returns (2005/2007), then followed by another japanese movie (2008) w/c starred the actors in japanese drama, then last is the korean drama Boys Over Flowers (2009).


  61. Honestly Meteor Garden is still in my heart!!
    I loved it sooo much,, since I was freaking 6 yrs old and I remeber every single detail about it!!! Then HYD comes at first I ddnt even bother to look at it but it got me hook but not as much as MG!! And as for BOF it really sucked!! The protrayal of the charac is just horrible!! Although I kept watching ittill the end bcz I hope that I will get better but it prove me wrong!! It got worst I serously hate jun pyo !! I ddnt fall in love with him as much I fell in love with the other two!!

    MG is the best!!!!!!!!
    HYD Iss second ( complement to the actors)
    BOF hmmmm??


  62. This is just my opinion on who/which is the best and the worst

    Main Actor/ actress (I judged on who portrayed the role better…. Not based on looks)

    ShanCai/Makino/JanDi : Best– Inoue Mao, Worst- Barbie Hsu
    DaoMingSi/Tsukasa/GoJunPyo : Best- Lee Min Ho, Worst- Matsumoto Jun
    HuaZeLei/Rui/YoonJiHoo : Best- Vic Zhou, Worst- Kim Hyun Jun
    XiMen/Sojiro/SoYiJung : All are good 
    MeiZuo/Akira/SongWooBin : Best- Abe Tsuyoshi, Worst- Kim Joon
    XiaoYou/Yuki/ChuGaEul : Best- Rainie Yang, Worst- Nishihara Aki
    TengTangJing/Shizuka/MinSeoHyun : Best- Sada Mayumi, Worst- Winnie Chen
    DaoMingZhuan/Tsubaki/GoJunHee : Best- Kim Hyun Joo, Worst- Mary Hsu
    Mother of DaoMing/Domyoji/Go : Best- Kaga Mariko(she’s really good), Worst- Lee Hye Yong(she’s not scary at all)

    The Drama : well I haven’t finished the Boys Over Flowers (it won’t play on our dvd player )…… They are all good …. I like the basketball, the piano, XiMen&XiaoYou scene in meteor garden……. I like the scenery, background, props, the cute acting in Hana Yori Dango……. I like the places and comedic act in Boys Over Flowers……… each drama has their good and bad side……… but I like them all 


  63. METEOR GARDEN ROCKXXXXXX!! 🙂 Jerry Yan is the best in portraying the F4 leader..BOF was okay,but not as good. (no offence) coz this is my own thinking..Nvr could get sick of Jerry yan and the F4. they rock. 😀 frever supporter. 😀


  64. awww.. lots of ppl go for look more than acting and plots.. *sigh* And most ppl who have watched both HYD and BOF and they don’t go for look, most likely that they will choose HYD or MG. For me, BOF is crap, nothing but LOOK. And GJP even can’t pull off the-rich-and-spoiled-guy role very well. WTH is with Jandi? She is really overacting or more like acting-cutesy? Sorry! I don’t find her cute at all. The Rui’s role is totally off. JiHoon is not mystery at all and something is not right with his acting. The character is so off.. Kimbon looks so innocent to be a playboy. And I don’t see any good chemistry among the F4 in BOF.

    I seriously don’t get the fact that it is outshining both HYD and MG because of LOOK.


  65. i love meteor garden tlga……..since grades school pa aq gztoh ko na meteor garden
    my commedy, my romance, nkakakilig tlga………ayoko ng bof gwapo nga sila ang
    ang corny namn……….mabuti pa ang meteor garden mganda ang story kahit mataas ang
    story mgnd nmn……….hahahaha………i love JERRY YAN and BARBIE


  66. meteor garden na aq …………i like it tlga graveh at ang gwapo nila…………
    haaayz sana my season 2 ang meteor garden graveh ang ganda..
    ng story…nakakiyak, anu nmn kung mataas ang story ng MG
    mgnda nmn…….d 2lad yng bof!!! ang corny at ang oa ni jandi grabe……….
    mganda pa c barbie sknya…………


  67. kahit ilang ulit pang ipalabas ang MG1 at MG2 hinding hindi pa rin ako magsasawang panoorin.ito na ata ang nagpaiyak sa buong pilipinas!


  68. tama! this was the first——at super love ko talaga to. i remember high school ako nun, super excited lagi ako umuwi from school. muntik na ko malaglag sa tricycle sa pagmamadali.haha


  69. Meteor garden tlaga ang pinaka magandang version sa lhat.. kahit gayahin walang papantay… super sikat sila noon sana palabas ulet… sana maulit 2ng version na 2


  70. i have seen MG, HYD, and BOF. In my opinion, the original F4 Taiwan is the Best from the Rest! Meteor Garden with JVKV and Barbie simply is out of this world! They have given the Japanese Manga great honor. If i was to rate the 3, of course there is no doubt the MG is # and only 1! BOF will be my 2nd choice and HYD will be last! Choosing the storyline from the 3, again MG is the best as well as for the characters. (I love Jerry! Woohoo)


  71. kcze gan2 yan . . ang BOF mga gwapo.. per0 ang f4 malakas ang dating . .kcze nga nman mas maganda ang 0rig. .haha!! F4 ng taiwan aq p0reber . . mga gwap0 lhang ang bof per0 malakas talga ang dating ng f4 . . nakakabaliw cLa. .:)) pede bha cilang iuwi??hahha!! lab f4 p0reber. .!!:)) METEOR GARDEN .. miss q nha ciLa. .sana gumawa uleet cilang 4 ng sh0w . .:))\ saNa puNta uleet cila d2 . .para makita q nha cila . :)) lab u f4 . .:))


  72. maganda sana itong ‘meteor garden…filipino version’ kung nai-sequence lng nila. . kase ang gulo. .

    hindi ko alam kung saan mag-uumpisang manood. .

    pero infernezZ! ang ganda talaga ng meteor garden!! whohoo!!


  73. Still Meteor Garden is the best..

    during the airing of MT here in the Philippines, everybody is talking about the cast.

    Legislature in the Philippines attempt to Ban the MT because of its popularity and how they affect the studies of the students. Lastly, it shown on TV seven times including weekdays, first time in the history of Philippine TV.


  74. We are all dif people with diff standards nd preferences. I hope dont quarel about these 3 versions. Lets just say our opinion but dont curse.. In my opinion i stil love meteor garden. This taiwanese series started all. D vry 1st series thats so phenomenal. Many filipinos really love it. Ive read it has 60% rating. All d characters here are so lovable. I’ll never forget MT. I tried watching BOF but im just feeling im forcing my self. Never did like much the female lead, i just couldnt like her, sorry no offense to the fans.. Jerry Yan is better than lee min ho in acting and the role suited him. Yes lee min ho is handsome but thats all. BOF is yes not bad its ok. I stikl wanna be with my 1st love MT.. I love d taiwanese f4. Ken zu suits the role of a real playboy with charm, vanes did a great job. He has no love interest but its ok he has still have impact. Vic zhou d real mysterious guy.. Stil love them after 10yrs. God bless to all. Peace.. P.s. I love kim hyun joong he is the reason i finished watching BOF..


  75. The Korean one is the most enjoyable to watch, and thats what dramas and entertainment in general is all about: entertaining viewers and making them enjoy themselves and inspiring them.

    F4′s fame, power and luxuries life stands out, and they spend so much money to have this drama a real fantasy from clothing, parties, school uniforms, cars, airplanes, scenes, trips, foods, houses and etc. this F4 group are all handsome and i like them all. They are all real men, height, face and grooming. I like how they squeezed the whole manga book into 25 episodes which not taking out the charm of the F4.

    the hero..lee min ho is so handsome, talented and good actor (full package)..
    the heroin..ku hye seon is so simple, cute and talented actress
    all supporting actor and actress is good they act’ so well
    the view is beautiful..(korean/nam sam tower/caledonia & macau)
    the plot is very nice, excellent…..good script writer
    the story is no bored and LOGIC..good director
    the cameraman is excellent…good shoot of view and angle
    the costume is perfect..high fashion
    the house is nice
    everything is perfect….
    congratulations to all of BOF crew all involved to this drama !!


  76. METEOR GARDEN has so far the best actors…mas feel talaga ung bonding ng F4…but the making of episodes are way dull…masyadong matagal ang plot…Lei is really awesome. superb!

    HANA YORI DANGO has the most realistic scenes…masama talaga ugali ng f4 dito…most convincing….may chemistry talaga si Tsukasa at Tsukushi…ang galing ni Tsukushi! refreshing siya at talagang tunay na palaban!

    BOYS OVER FLOWER has the best Production….sobrang bongga ang mga scenes…and super fashionista ng mga cast…. pero unrealistic ang pagkakagawa… hindi din masyado connected and f4…seems like wala silang ung “barkada” factor sa isat isa… geum jandi is also trying hard…i hate the parts when she cannot stand for herself…lame.booh.

    in fairness to Gu Jun Pyo, sobrang galing nya! perfect portrayal…

    BEST TSUKUSHI (FEMALE) – Makino Tsukushi (HYD)


  77. japan ang orig nyan..anime at manga yan eh..nauna lng sa live action yung MG..pero ms mgaling umarte yung nasa hana yori dango..yung mga nsa boys over flower ba yun…puro pacute…nag model n lng sana sila…


  78. 4 me meteor garden is the original so it’s the most good acting like on jerry yan,i was like bof becoz kim bum is there,so i finally go for meteor garden.bk8 ang m.t6 pa ang kulelat sa poll samantlang yan ang pinakamatgal na ini-aired at paulit-ulit n nire2wind.hana yori dango dpat ang kulelat.


  79. ang meteor garden and nagcmula gaya2 lng ang hyd at bof,kung ako ang ta2nungin 1st:METEOR GARDEN 2ND:BOF at 3rd ang hyd.sa lhat ng bumoto sa bof at hyd booo!cmula p lng m.t na ang pinagu2sapan,kya nkigya ang hyd at bof,di hmak nman n mas mgaling ang m.t sa dlawang gaya2 no?pure ang pag-arte ng cast s m.t kya sinusubaybayan ng madla,e ang bof kya cnusubaybyan dhel lng s mga pa-cute mliban lng ky kim bum,i like him.best f4 leader:JERRY YAN best girl:BARBIE ZHU 4-EVER.!!!


  80. ayw mo nun diane mhaba hnd btin! ang bof ang btin lalo n s huli,ang panget kng hnd lng ako fan ni kim bum hnd k tlaga pano2orin ang bof,but i love koreanovelas at the same reason but i dont like bof acting.


  81. yah,oo nga bof ang pina2labas ngaun syempre un ang pano2orin e,kng i-aired ul8 ang m.t my lban p ba b.o.f n yan.but still s kim bum lng ang nkakha ng good appearans s knilang 5.


  82. I prefer Meteor Garden and HYD…BOF hhhmmm….its kinda boring…
    I agree with the comment on imdb…let me quote for this blog….

    “DAO MING SI (Taiwanese)—he’s hilarious. He’s dumb. Easily amused and easily pissed off. Ill-tempered but in a funny way. Spoiled. Immature.( This overall explains why even though he’s old enough he bullies around.) An unconventional fighter for love. His relation towards Lei, among other F4 members,is clearly shown—he envied Lei like a jealous kid, and at the same time intimidated by him for Lei could see right through him. Yet he’s his bestest friend! Has excusable anger issues, afterall he’s that stupid which makes it all funny. ”

    “GO JUN PYO (Korean)—he’s not hilarious but real scary! He’s not dumb but a smartass. He sure does know a lot. If he’s so well-educated as he appeared to be, why did he bully and act like an idiot kid? inconsistent, at all! Ill-tempered. Spoiled. Sucker for love and oh-so-dragging at tender moments. His relation towards JH is only shown when he figured JD got the hots for JH. Has abnormal anger issues—it’s terrfying!”

    “SHAN CAI (T)—vulnerable but acted tough. Not perfect. Flawed just like any normal human being should be. Wishful-thinker. She’s not afraid to go so gooey with Lei. Fighter. Weak, deep inside. Pretentious. Unsure towards DMS. She’s no plain goody. Her face shows mixed realistic emotions. She doesn’t scream so loud just for the heck of it.”

    “JAN DI (K)—not vulnerable enough. ambiguous emotion towards Ji Ho. Fights like a Taekwando fighter. Bipolar personality disorder. Unrealistically overdramatic.Plain and explicit. Anime-ish reaction. She screams because she can scream, that’s all.”

    “HUA ZE LEI(T)—so mysterious and intriguing. Hair’s not dyed! Not a chatter, and rarely smiled. Only talks when he has to. Looks much better in playing violin. He’s smart without even trying to.”

    “JI HO(K)—not mysterious and intriguing enough—another prop. Hair’s annoyingly and unneccessarily blonde (the blonde Hanaza Rui is only for the anime). Chatter when not needed to. Smiled when not needed to. Talks when not needed to. Not weird enough! He’s no loner, why is that when he has to be like autistic?”

    sources : imdb

    I have to admit that BOF shows us what a “great F4” how rich are they as student, but I think BOF actors & actress are lack of acting. In my opinion, HYD and MG are equal for acting, but BOF? I’m not for sure…


  83. Korean version = pretty face/hotties + extravagant productions + pretty fashion

    Japanese & Taiwanese version = more realistic + better acting + storyline flows better + better chemistry amongst the characters

    When I watch dramas, I don’t really care about who’s beautiful and who’s not. All I care about is if the storyline interests me or not. So that leads me to say that I prefer the Japanese version. The storyline is fast pace and flows better. Also, the interaction between Makino and Domyouji looks natural and they obviously have excellent chemistry. On the other hand, the Korean version was entertaining and full of eye-candy so I think that will attract a lot of audiences, despite the mediocre acting and annoying female lead.


  84. Which one is the best Meteor Garden(Taiwan) Boys Over Flowers(Korea) or Hana Yori Dango(Japan)?

    Philippines said: Boys Over Flowers
    World said: Hana Yori Dango

    Com’on guys have you ever watched hana yori dango? Actually, their acting are more realistic than Boys over flowers!! Even though F4(korea) have cuter faces than Hana Yori Dango, I liked Hana Yori Dango better. Honestly, I’ve watched boys over flowers first then hana yori dango. Boys over flower didn’t made me laugh and cry at all. But the Hana Yori Dango O-M-G, I almost die because of laughing. And it made me cry too. Inuoe Mao did a very great job !! And Matsumoto Jun ❤ Now I'm obsessed with H-I-M. And guess what? Matsumoto Jun have a drama about Filipinos BTW !!! Lol ! It called "Smile".
    I almost forgot.Most people found Jandi annoying.
    I like BOF STORY but I'm going to stick with Hana Yori Dango ❤ I'm totally obsessed with it !! Go Domyouji and Makino/Inuoe Mao and Matsumoto Jun ❤


    • Hana Yori Dango is the only one(out of the 3) that made me cry while watching it, you can really feel the emotions of the casts exerting on their acting


  85. ever heard of the original manga Hana Yori Dango? in which became the basis of the 3 said dramas….

    clearly Hana Yori Dango(drama) is the best among the series in which it’s most likely follows the plot of the manga(except for the ending which is completely different)…. The actress portraying Makino Tsukushi really did a great job in showing her character’s goofiness, strong-willed, tomboy-ish side and all. Domyouji Tsukasa’s actor (Matsumoto Jun) perpectly portray’s his character as an airhead- almighty-leader of the F4. All in all the series didn’t drag the story too long and executes the story well-enough that didn’t bore its audiences.

    a drama/series shouldn’t be criticize by the looks of the actors and actresses, unlike in BOF, i’ll be blunt on this, the actress seems to be stoic in portraying her role or should i say ‘trying hard’ and her character seems to need a lot of saving(from Jun Pyo) that it seems to contradict the real-character’s (in manga) personality which is a fighter. On the other hand MG is a lot better than BOF because it has a great plot and great acting skills of the actors.

    look into the plot and the message of the series not just by popularity due to looks.


  86. ok, we’re talking which version of the drama is the best one not which adhered to the manga closely. personally i like hana yori dango more, then meteor garden then boys over flowers. the japanese version have more realism, better acting, fast-paced and more natural. meteor garden was enjoyable to watch, lots of funny scenes and romantic/drama scenes are nicely done but at times way too cheesy and the whole drama is lengthy. boys over flowers have the best looking actors, but they suck on acting, the lead girl’s acting is exaggerated, lengthy, well less than MG. jerry yan i think is the best lead actor, the character suits him. HYD’s lead actress is the best one for me, i love the character she built up and good acting. this is just my opinion anyway. oh and since its based from a japanese manga and meteor garden was the first adaptation i dont think HYD is a copycat, i think they have the most right to create a drama since the idea and story came from them anyway. no haters please just a piece of my mind. peace!!!


  87. I know many of u were just sticking to the faces of the characters…


  88. MG & HYD both done a good job! Acting was just right! Sanchai, Makino and F4 was just right…Good looking or not…It doesnt matter…Both have managed to amazingly deliver the story ….
    To make you laugh…..
    Make you cry…….
    and make you fall in love 🙂

    BOF – tried to watched it but stopped after 10 minutes (Acting is sooooooo horrible) She looks so OLD for the part and not sure what she was trying to portray really…
    she’s most annoying! I SIMPLY JUST CANT STAND HER!
    (I really thought it would be as good as the other two but ended up being greatly disappointed)

    To sum it up….The original is always going to be my favorite!
    MG may be the oldest….but it is still the best!
    HYD – Liked the casting, liked the acting…loved the series 🙂

    BOF – I cant watch it….


  89. Old news is still GOOD news!
    The “original” F4 of the popular drama of “Hana Yori Dango” (aka “Meteor Garden”, aka “Boy over Flowers) beat out the rest! I told you all! The Taiwan version can’t be beat!

    You know looking at them…. ZaiZai and Jerry hotness, make you wish you were Shan Cai (Xú Xīyuàn)! She’s a lucky girl!

    Doumiyoji Tsuaka/Dao Ming Si/Goo Jun Pyo
    Jerry Yan came in first place with 1,200,000 votes and beat out Matsumoto Jun and Lee MinHo.

    Hanazawa Rui/Hua Ze Lei/Yoon Ji Hoo
    Zhōu Yúmín (aka ZaiZai) came in first place 1,140,000 votes and left Ohguri Shun and Ji Hoo in the dust and tied. Even Yoko Kamio loved him best!

    Nishikado Soujirou/Xi Men/Kim Bum
    Ken Zhu came in first place 610,000 votes beating out Matsuda Shota and So Yi Jung.

    Lots of version came out but I still nobody can replace Meteor garden! the F4 fever! they are truely a phenomenal!
    NOTHING BEATS METEOR GARDEN!! the ORIGINAL is The BEST among the rest!! no offense but i dont really like Boys over flower!!


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