The right way

For somebody who is not yet married, naturally, this would be my concern when it comes to this matter; meeting the right person the right way.

I am not gonna dwell on my fate of ‘still single’ at this age. I have long accepted the fate and honestly, I kinda see the reasoning behind it.

Nevertheless, when the time comes, like other thriving muslimah, I wanna do it the right way through and through. Generally, we all know that dating is forbidden in Islam. Shall one fall in love or taken a liking towards the opposite gender, one should contact the mahram of that person for further action or details. I read a good tip about ways to communicate with the person directly in an honorable way; communicate as if your parents are there. Text him as if your parents will receive the message too. Better yet, CC them. 😂

I just wish somebody would make a movie out of it or a book about the whole procedure like to the minor tiny details. I bet there’s a lotttt of drama within. I’ve watched one Indonesian movie that have bits of this but very brief. It’s almost like love at a first sight even. I don’t know. I think instead of forced marriage or contract marriage that all Malay dramas these days are about, why not a drama about a proper marriage from A to Z. At least, it will educate the society of how it’s supposed to be in Islam. It will still gain lots of view cos it’s a love story. I say it’s a win-win.

Again, rambling.


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