Petom Outing: Sunway Lagoon

Yesterday was so mucccccccchhhhhh FUN!!!

After a really really long period of time, the plan succeed. Seriously, we plan this like since last year kot. Okay I’m saying it as if we’re going some where really far that comes with lots of hardship. It really isn’t. We just want to go to Sunway Lagoon je kot. Hahaha. Skin pun ikut tau. :p I guess since this is our last semester, we want to spend most of our time with everyone doing everything. A bit sad when you put it in words. 😐

Frame tanak kalah kan?

Baru second ride dah basah lencun. Baik pakai baju mandi2 terus tsk.

Abg jaga: Yang hitam duduk belakang

Ann: T_T

Intan: =))

Cubaan amik gambar dalam air 1: Pandang depan la Ann tsk.

Cubaan kedua: Da la tuh Ann tak payah la buat sakit idong je. Hahah.

Kesimpulannya, I memang tak pandai ambil gambar dalam air. Tak boleh bukak mata la, tak boleh tahan nafas kasi tak kuar bubble la, ape la. Bagus la tu kan. Tak payah nak beli camera yang boleh campak dalam air tu, beli camera murah je. :p Ada banyak lagi gambar nak tarok tapi banyak gambar ade budak2 ni ngade2 free hair so tak boleh la tarok. Tsk. Kalau nak tarok pun kena afro kan rambut mereka and the picture become hideous eventually. Baik tak payah tarok la.

Anyway, we had lots of fun playing most of the ride, soaking ourself inside the itchy public pool, and fooling around like we always do. We’re happy. 🙂 But this time la jugak, Jern takde. Isk. Jern, next time ang kena ikot jugak na. :p

We had our dinner at the Korean Street Restaurant. I and Mili shared our meals. I had Korean BBQ Raboki/Bulgogi Raboki. Delicious! The color seems a bit different than the normal Raboki. I was a bit worried if it’s not tasty or weird but to my surprise, it taste better than the original Raboki. Luann dongsaengi, you gotta try this one! Mili had the Spicy Octopus Bibimbap, not that good. I like the one at The Gardens better. Intan and Nadshah had Bibimbap and Skin had Deukbokki. Yani and Siti had McD. Hahah. They refuse to try it cos I think it won’t match their taste kot.

6 hrs singing with TS

Yesterday was so much funnnnnn!!!! I mean Monday. Is it already Wednesday?? Time flies by too fast man.

So last week, Has unnie ym me asking to go out for a karaoke with her, Jenny, Hui, Luann, and Sandra. I was a bit reluctant at first because I haven’t met those people before except for Has unnie and Hui and I’m a bit shy and quiet to meet a new person. I don’t know why. I mean we chat with each other at TS cbox and I’m not shy at all at cbox. :p

At 11am, Has unnie fetch me at my house. So kind of her, komawoyo unnie. She fetch Hui first before they come to my house. So long weyy haven’t met this dongsaeng. The last time I met her was at the crazy double s fan meeting and that was also the first time. 😉 After we got at Sunway Pyramid, we agreed to meet the rest at McD and we met Luann first. It’s my first time meeting her! Used to chat with her a lot. Then, Sandra and Jenny came. First time meeting them too!! Finally got to meet all those people! I used to only chat with them. We had brunch (or is it lunch?) at McD then head off to Red Box.

Me and dear Jenny

Red Box got like a lot of new k-pop song. I mean seriously. Last time I went there, the newest song they have is 2NE1 – Fire but now, they got more than that yaww. I’m telling you the list of the songs will knock you out! Mili, Mai, you guys are so going to be happy to know this. They have Taeyang – Wedding Dress, 2PM – Heartbeat, 2NE1 – I don’t care, Shinee – Ring Ding Dong, and much more! You don’t expect me to list all, do you? :p We sang all k-pop songs that we know and we dance too. Lol. Luckily they don’t have KARA – Mister or I don’t what I’d be in that room. Hahaha. I guess you will know who I really am when karaoke-ing? Having that the other person inside the room is all girls lah kan. Hahaha. It was helov a fun.

After 3 hours singing, we couldn’t get enough so we extend the hours to six! 6 hours karaoke weyyy! Crazy okay. I went home with no voice you know. Okay literally. After we finish the k-pop song, we sing other song, our karaoke song. Jenny sang few chinese song and dang she can really sing weyy. When she sang I thought the audio was on but it’s not. It was totally her voice. Jenny! You should totally get signed with DSP! Hahah. And Hui too! She can like scream till the end of her throat and she dance to almost all k-pop song. Hui, you gotta teach us all the SNSD’s dance okay. Hahha. They said I can sing too but I swear I was suffering hearing myself singing I don’t know how they handle it. Hahha. Tipu la. If I suffer hearing myself singing then I won’t karaoke anymore la kan. Hahaha. They kept taking pictures while we’re dancing. I hope my butt or my hand won’t get in anybody’s way cos my candid picture is so damn ugly. I just know it even before I see it. Hahaha.

Hui & Luann getting too excited to eat :p

Has unnie & Jenny

Sandra left 30 minutes early before the karaoke ends. T_T. Didn’t have that much time to talk with her. After 6 hours of torturing our throat, we went for a dinner at this korean street restaurant and I had ddeuk bokki with ramen and cheese! How is that possible rightt?? Cheese with ddeuk bokki?? Totally delicious. Like totalllyyy but they said that the one at Ampang is better. Can’t wait to try that one. Jenny had Octopus Bibimbap, Luann had Chicken ddeuk bokki and the chicken was daebak! Hui and Has unnie had the original ddeuk bokki set but Has unnie can’t finish her ddeuk bokki cos she suddenly got headache. Pity her. It look so bad. I think it’s because the 6 hours karaoke. +_+

My cheese ramen ddeukbokki (cheese raboki)

After we had dinner, it’s time to go home. Luann went back home first cos she had to go different ways. Has unnie was so kind, she send us all back. Has unnie, jeongmal komawoyo. ^^ Hurm, there’s no picture of Sandra. Will get the picture from her camera later. Hehehe. And all the picture above credit to Jenny. I stole all the picture from her blog. Kekekeke.


Omooo I just found about this great news! You know how I was so sad over the end of Family Outing, here. It turns out that MC Yoo Jae Suk take back his initial decision, here. He received many criticism over his decision and I think he can’t really let go of FO huh? Kekekek. What ever it is, I’m so happy knowing the news. Even so, with every good news, comes the bad news. It’s been stated by SBS that however other FO former member will change and that includes Lee Hyori and Daesung I think. T_T So sad I know. To Hyori fans (that includes me), don’t be too sad. She’s preparing for her new album. At least we will get to see her in action even though not in FO. And Daesung fans, he will be active with his solo album coming out early 2010. So, they won’t be like totally disappear from k-pop kingdom. Cheer up yea! ^^

I suggest you guys to watch Invincible Youth or Strong Heart. IY is a bit similar to FO, only that there’s less guys and more beautiful girls. There’re Yuri and Sunny from SNSD, Narsha from BEG, Hyun Ah from 4minute, Goo Hara from KARA, Sunhwa from Secret, and Hyo Min from T-ara. And IT got less game compared to FO. Strong Heart is a bit formal kind of show where they called quite a few of famous artist and they have their team also in the show. They will tell their own story and the strongest story will win the title for the episode. I kinda like it cos the idols seems to tell story they never reveal before.

Oh I watched Muallaf today. The best thing watching this movie is that there’s only 9 people in the cinema including us. Hahaha. From another point of view, it’s not a big deal not getting to watch the movie right after it’s out at the cinema cos with less people, you can sit however you like. I, of course conquer the front sit with my big long legs. :p Muallaf was okay but a bit slow I must say. It’s so detail cos it has too many those little moment and there were few silent moment in between. Maybe it’s too sensitive or so.

And the concept of the movie is so unique. I mean there’s no other movie would discuss religion matter like that. The siblings, Ani and Ana are muslim but they remember bible so precise that they can say out which verse at which page. Let alone Al-Quran. It amaze me, the characters. I doubt there’s a real person like that. Well, we never know. Perhaps there is.

And after we’re out of the cinema, I noticed something.

Maybe it was there long time ago for all I know, but I just noticed it after I know 2PM. And they do not sell any 2PM stuff, mind you. :p

Oh I bought a muffler that cost me RM50 and turtle neck for RM30. I know both items are cheap than they usually do but I incredibly broke because of those stuff. And it’s only the first day of the month! How am I going to survive the next remaining days? +_+ If only my parents give us some cash for those stuff. Le sighh.

The best thing for today is lunch. Mak cooked Mi kari when we got home and it’s delicious! Sedap sangat okayyy! Even though there’s only squid, fish ball, chicken, potato and carrot in the gravy, it’s damn delicious! Berebut okay kitorang! I wish next time we got kacang panjang and tauhu bola2 tu and sambal! Sumpah lagi sedap! *drools drools* And for desert? Chocolate Indulgence. =D

Dila’s Birthday Celebration

Oh bestnya dah habis exam~~ Midterm je pun ceh kecoh.

Anyway, sebenarnya nak post about last Friday. Last Friday pergi celebrate birthday Dila. Belated gila. Hahah. I ingat kitorang akan pergi Alamanda and melantak Pizza Hut macam biasa tapi nampaknya Dila & Balqis dah ban Pizza Hut siang2 lagi. So, we end up going to Sunday Pyramid without knowing what to eat.

I, yang memang pegi mana2 pun asyik kena decide nak makan kat mana ni pun cadangkan la makan kat Bubba Gump Shrimp sebab dah lama nak makan sana tapi tak pernah pergi and dorang pun tak pernah makan situ lagi. And since everybody kept bragging on how delicious the food there so why not kan.

And memang sedap pun!!! I totally love their nachos. Dia punya dipping tuuu wow! Balqis macam suka gila nachos dia tak habis2 puji. Haha. And we ordered American’s platter? Ala macam triple play at Chili’s la. Ape ntah tapi ada like fresh shrimp, nachos, and buffalo chicken kot. I don’t know what it’s called la cos it was my first time eating there kan. Ha speaking of our first time there, the waiters kat sana tak habis2 bug us to explain about the “Run Forest Run” and “Stop Forest” thingy. Even when we didn’t “Stop Forest” pun, they will stop and ask us this and that. But when we “Stop Forest”, nobody came. Adehh. But I still like that concept. Macam comel je.

And we ordered the back ribs also. Banyak gila okay. Ada 5 macam tu. Tu pun sedap jugak. We almost ordered fish and chip but was stopped by the waitress cos she said there will be like a lot of food nanti so, if you’re not a big eater, share je la. Ouh ada desert skali! Cookies with ice cream on top. Sedap gila please~~

Memang semua sedap pun lah. Yang jadi lagi sedapnya kan, Balqis yang belanja! Hehehe. Sempena birthday Dila tapi I pun sebok2 skali. Memang habis la kan kitorang makan dah kalau ada orang yang belanja. Kekekeke. Dah lama gila tak jumpa sebenarnya. Terserempak pun tak sempat nak tanya2 borak2. Tanya sikit2 je padahal nak tanya banyak lagi. Tsk. It was really really great dapat jumpa and borak2 catching up with you guys! Rindu! Hehehe.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DILA! And thanks babe belanja! ^_^

Ps: Balqis~~~! Bila you nak buat blog nih? Kitorang tunggu ni~~ Haa~~ Hik3

Buka + Karaoke

Oke Anne get over it. Sampai bila tak nak update blog semata-mata sebab nak kasi post SS501 paling teratas kan. Kalau buat sticky post nanti mesti pembaca2 blog I ingat I tak update2 blog pulak. Hahah. Perasan!

Okay let’s get down to it. This, what I’m going to jot down is what happen last Friday. Dah lama kan? I know T_T

We planned this long time ago, me and my deary housemates (ex-housemate sebenarnya tapi still panggil housemate sbb they’re my only housemate I ever had). Setiap kali bulan puasa, at least kena sekali jugak buka puasa sama2. So, plan after plan, we end up buka at Amp Square Karaoke. Of course la ade karaoke sekali. Patutnya buka then solat tarawikh. Isk3.

Anyway, I took a public transport from my house to Sunway Pyramid and why? Ifdk! I can always take the car at 330pm and drive myself there but I is lazy. Kak Sha said she can pick me up at Subang KTM station but we know how the traffic can get crazy at those buka hours. So, I go to Sunway Pyramid totally by public which I hate so much. It’s been a while. That’s why. Sesampai je, I go to surau first then hunt the new karaoke place.

amp square karaoke7

Good thing we booked for dinner buffet. Masuk2 je bilik karaoke Nisah tengah karaoke bersungguh2. Hahah. The room is quite big for 5 people. Semah tak sampai lagi. Letak je bag, I rushed to the buffet. They have sushi counter! And tepanyaki too! Three big pots of various soup and countless tray of food. Hahah. Exaggerate bukan main lagi. But they really do have good buffet. And the food also boleh tahan.

amp square karaoke4 amp square karaoke6

(left) semua tamak2 belaka  (right) bilik begitu besar sehingga Nua berkelakuan sebegitu rupa

Everything else is good except their choices of song. They can’t beat Red Box. Red box has like the newest song ever. Amp Square doesn’t. But not as bad as Alamanda la. Alamanda punya worse okay! But but but they have what I like the most that Red Box don’t have! K-pop songs! They have ‘Nobody’, ‘Gee’, and even ‘Tell Me Your Wish’. The best part is they have SS501 songs! Okay Red Box have that too but not the song that I know. Hahaha. Lepas tu muka masing2 tanak kalah. “Lagu apa ko nyanyi ni anneee??” Hahaha. Best2.

amp square karaoke3

I want nobody nobody but you *clap clap*

Best memang la best tapi bila bayar je hamik kau rm45 sorunk. We thought it’s gonna be around 30++ per person. Salah tengok rupanya. Ceh. But we skip the last hour cos Nuha kena balik awal and all. Sebenarnya I pun kena balik jugak dah time tu. Haha. We booked from 7-ish till 1130pm. Lama kan?

amp square karaoke2

Kesimpulannya, the karaoke was great but we didn’t get to chat a lot. Dah la banyak gosip nak dibicarakan contohnya Nuha dah ada boyfriend baru! Hahah. Ye Nua, lepas ni kita lepak mamak eyhh. Haha.

amp square karaoke1

.Bloop Lip Gloss.

Mari kita update pasal hari Sabtu pulak. Hari Ahad nanti dulu ye. Tunggu dapat gambar. Hehehe.

Hari Sabtu sepatutnya di-spend bersama ahli keluarga di rumah dengan tenang dan bahagianya. Akan tetapi, last Saturday, I was like all alone kat rumah. Seriously, Mak keluar pergi program ape entah. Din ade meeting dengan Abah. Noni tak balik lagi. Ksah ade! Tapi Ksah tidur je keje. So, tiada maknanya.

But, in the middle of the day, after Ksah picked up Noni, we went to Sunway Pyramid. Because Ksah wanna buy the Bloop lip gloss. T_T Boleh tak macam tu? Nak pergi Sp semata-mata nak beli lip gloss? Takpela layankan je la. At least she bought for us one of that! Comel gile oke. Thank you Ksah!

bloop lip glossThe center cuppies is mine!

Sila la buy one for yourself ye kawan2. Ini adalah kerana ia hanya berharga rm12 je ya! Murah kan?? But you have to buy three of it cos it comes in a box of three. And they have like five flavour; Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry, and Melon. Mine taste Melon-ishes. Hehehe. Awww now so sayang nak guna.

bloop lip gloss

Then we had tako2 and do some COD after. So, I got an unbelievably cute lip gloss and a handbag for Saturday. I’m a happy kid. 🙂

.makan besa weyy.

Oke lets not make this blog all about break-up and sadness etc. It’s not even worth it.

So, last night we (petom & petam) went out. Eh wait wait wait….why dont we let the pictures do the introduction (nak blogging pun nk kne ade  introduction ye)


first time ye edit pic sndri (pkai photoscape pulak tuh hik)

Oh dimanakah tempat makanan2 sedap itu belongs ye? Mungkinkah Murni SS2? Salah salah salah. William la deyy. Hahaha. Dear readers, please la click that picture so you can get clearer view. And if it’s not clear enough, let me know! I can send you the picture. Hahah. Gile exaggerate. Gambar je kot. Oke let me describe all the remarkable delicious food for you.

1. Spaghetti Bolognese Meatball – RM25 kot (top left)

2. Nasi Goreng Kapuchio – RM 20 kot (top right)

3. Ribena Laici & Straberry pisang – RM 18 & RM10 kott (2nd left)

4. Onion Ring & Cheese – RM15 sahaje ye (bottom left)

5. Roti Daging – RM8 (2nd right)

6. Nasi Goreng Ketam – RM25 (bottom right)

Haha. Beriye gile nak describe makanan (padehal tak describe pun tarok harga je) even though i think William is well known already and perhaps all people remember the price far better than me. Tapi nak jugak. :p

I and mili shared our meals. We had Onion Ring & Cheese, Nasi Goreng Ketam, and Ribena Laici. Sangat sedapp okee. I sooo love the cheese pleaseee. Its only a cheese goreng but haihhh hard la to describe. You have to go there and taste yourself but its better if you share it with your friends cos it’s gonna give you a lil bit muak feeling after a few few bites. After the calculation of how much should we (mili&me) pay each, so happy to found out we have to pay only RM23 each! Murah tak? Murah tak? Murah gile kottt. Tgk kat atas tu satu meal RM20 tau. Haaa hehehhe.

williambefore the food arives


sedang makan dgn penuh khusyuk


selepas makan & the left overs

The best part eating at William i think is that you can taste all your friend’s food. Really. Cos one meal is like so…sumptuous. I think the meal is meant for two people, practically. But whenever people get there they will become like really tamak so they will oder one meal for themselves. Pastu tak habis. Hahaha. Unless you a eat-a-lot kind of person la kan. So, as an expert of that place, we rotate our meal around the table after few bites. If you do that at P9 (adelah mamak yg sering dikunjungi ye), confirm la deyy whats left on your plate is just 60% of what you ordered. Hahaha. Kalau di William, adelah seperti tidak luak ye. Haha.


Oh i forgot to mention, i belanja Aizat his meal cos I owe him….ape tu ye? Hahaha. Rahsia~ (saje nk buat controversi di sini ye). Which cost me RM42!! Lawan toke nampak. Hahha. Takla takla ikhlas ni ikhlas. Hehehe. Thanx Aizat for the other day *kenyit mata sket*. Acet!


Around 11-ish, the table is cleared. Whats left is just empty plates and sikit sikit left overs. Then suddenly, all of us want to watch a movie. Geng! Kita kan geng~. Can you believe it?? The Petam havent watch it T_T. But there’s no Geng available at night. So, we watched Watchmen instead.


Fucking stupid movie okeee! Bosan gile nak mampus! Da la two and a half hours pulak tuu!! I swearr i could sleep in the movie but macam sayang la pulak kan nak tidur dalam movie. Kat bilik tanak tidur pulak *sepak sket*. Oke anyway, jangan tengok movie tu oke. Diulang sekali lagi, don’t watch the movie.

.ice skating rocks!.

Oh kenyangnye~

Ksah & Noni datang tadi! They bought me Nasi Goreng Hailam Ayam Mancongkam! Thanx Ksah! Thanx Noni! Lebiu bery bery much! Even though they actually came to give me the external hard disk so ksah can download her stuff. -_-

ice skating

So, yesterday was superb! I soooo love ice skating pleasee. Yesterday was my 8th time if i count it right and i was becoming expert already kott! When i was a noob, i used to hunch a little so that if i fall, i will fall on my knees not on my bum. But now, i dont have to hunch anymore! I can stand straight and i believe i did feel like i was walking when i skate. I didnt fall kottt! Oh oh oh besnye~ nak skate lagi please~ I skate from 3 to 7 yesterday. Tapi rase macam tanak balik je smlm nak skate smpai tutup. Heeee 🙂

ice skating

ice skating2

After fooling around for a while, we (me, mili, yani, paru, naip, emi, aizat, erol) had our dinner then decided to watch a movie. Since its friday night, the ticket line was like panjang gile kott so we decided to watch the cinema at Alamanda instead T_T . We watched Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. The title is like fucking excited kot kan?? I mean c’mon we’re talking about street fighter here. But, i have to say the movie is kinda bored. They got the whole concept already but the way its been delivered is somehow pathetic. Go la watch yourself. Perhaps you might find it interesting. Should watch Geng instead. >.<


Whatever it is, i am so content that we went skating yesterday. Paru and Naip fell countless times. You know~ newbies~. Hahhaha. Though aizat didnt fall even once, its pretty impressive for a noob. Hahaha. Berlagak gile oke. So, sape sape nak skating lagi please ajak me please. I promise i’ll behave. 🙂

ice skating 3

ice skating4

.Ole Ole Bali.

Uuuuh. I am so left behind by time. This happen few days ago. On Sunday. Again, picture tells a thousand words.

They celebrated my birthday yawwww and nisah’s and kaksha’s. So terharu oke. Cos my birthday was like ages ago. Thanx korunk. Sgt leb leb korunk. Heeee.

Ole Ole Bali was great. The price is a bit mahal la there but the food was massively banyak okee. Kalau makan dgn dorunk ni mmg tak penah yang murah2. Sume nak mahal2 je. Takpela. Once in a while. Then kaksha spent her night at my room. Thanx nyahh for eberything. I really need those. Gugugugu.

Ps: Gamba2 agak gelap sedikit ye kerana kami makan di tempat yg agak romantik lampunye sampaikan boleh tahan tak nampak ape yang dimakan. Ataupun mungkin kah kerana gamba diambil meggunakan camera hp semah yang baru? Itu kite tak tau ye. Hak3.

.skating all the way.


That’s what i’ve been up to.

The truth is i’m not a big fan of  a post without pictures. So, i’ll wait for pictures.

And now i got pictures so i cannot procrastinate no more.

skating skating2

I went skating yaww! And i fell. Only because Syera and Pdot shouted my name from the back and i was like unstable at the mo. So, i fell on my knees. Sakit oke. We thought that since only half of the schools in Klang valley is on holiday, there wont be a lot of people on the ice rank. But little did we know that the price is still gonna be rm23 (until 1st feb) nevertheless its a school holiday or not. What i’m saying is it’s crowded there like crazy!

But we still skate all the way. 🙂

skating3 skating4

Then we had Carls Jr for lunch. I shop nothing surprisingly. Only pick up some stuff from the online shopping. Hehehe. Pity Jas and Dian you guys couldnt come. It would be a blast if korunk were there too.